Proxy Ane Jalan

Akhirnya proxy ane jalan…

setelah berpasrah diri , muter-muter nyari jalan ,akhirnya jadi,

dibawah ini kutipan yg ane coba :

11.48 Segment Violation at startup or upon first request

Some versions of GCC (notably 2.95.1 through 2.95.4 at least) have bugs with compiler optimization. These GCC bugs may cause NULL pointer accesses in Squid, resulting in a “FATAL: Received Segment Violation…dying” message and a core dump.

You can work around these GCC bugs by disabling compiler optimization. The best way to do that is start with a clean source tree and set the CC options specifically:

% cd squid-x.y
% make distclean
% setenv CFLAGS='-g -Wall'
% ./configure ...

To check that you did it right, you can search for AC_CFLAGS in src/Makefile:

% grep AC_CFLAGS src/Makefile
AC_CFLAGS       = -g -Wall

Now when you recompile, GCC won’t try to optimize anything:

% make
Making all in lib...
gcc -g -Wall -I../include -I../include -c rfc1123.c

NOTE: some people worry that disabling compiler optimization will negatively impact Squid’s performance. The impact should be negligible, unless your cache is really busy and already runs at a high CPU usage. For most people, the compiler optimization makes little or no difference at all.

pas pada perintah “setenv” perintah ini ngk bisa ,

langsung ane ganti jadi export, entah sama atau ngk, yg pasti setelah di export variable CFLAGS hasilnya squid ane jalan tanpa ada receive fatal segment 🙂 tinggal monitoringnya lagi di fedora >>>>


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